Ted Reyes is a music producer & composer based in Jersey City, New Jersey. He started writing and playing music at age 14. with his band The Freesouls. A few years later, the band was signed by BMG Records Philippines and released two albums: Shindig (1997) and Flowers for The Soul (1998). The band gained cult status and was often cited as a major influence among bands and singer-songwriters.


In 2003, Ted wrote and recorded the song Bye Bye Na, which he entered into a songwriting competition sponsored by the biggest media network in the Philippines, ABS-CBN. The song was picked as one of the 10 finalists and made it into the compilation album entitled Himig Handog Love Songs.  Later that year, the song was nominated for an AWIT Awards, the equivalent of The Grammy Awards in the Philippines. The song became a radio hit.


In 2005, Ted formed 2 bands in Jersey City: Bleud and The Happy Analogues. Both bands became stalwarts in the Asian-American music scene in the East Coast. They toured the country, appeared in television programs, and spearheaded music festivals.  It was also at this time, when he started working with other artists. He produced 3 compilation albums that featured the best Asian-American artists in the scene: Rock in the Box 1 & 2, and Rocky Yuletide. He also produced the debut albums of notable acts like The Kuwagos, Sodapop Suicide, Grim Bottle, and more.


In 2010, another Ted Reyes song, Tayo na sa Ulan, was selected as a finalist in the FILSCAP Songwriting Competition and became part of the compilation album released by Star Records.  

In 2012, a devastating typhoon hit the Philippines and caused massive destruction and death. Ted rallied his fellow Filipino-American artists and produced a benefit compilation album entitled Flood Aid. 


The new decade ushered in new opportunities for Ted. In 2017, he wrote and produced the debut EP of up and coming singer Gail Banawis. The release contained the incredibly catchy carrier single: A Dagger in Your Heart. At the same time, he formed the electronic trio DefMod Network, and released a string of singles. He also teamed up with his former Freesouls drummer André Laurena to form a new group called, Telecommute, and released their debut album called One Way Mirror.


A year after, Ted released his debut solo album entitled Made in Kamuning, a 10-track, all original, all-Tagalog homage to his hometown of Kamuning, Quezon City, Philippines. 


2020 was a busy year for Ted despite the pandemic. He released a new single called Chasing You on all streaming services, a solo, all-electronic album called Music for Endings, and formed a new band with his wife Sheryl Reyes called: Scarlet Gum, whose debut single Tulips and Twigs for a Boy was launched in the summer.


The duo is currently set to to release a new single before the end of the year.

Full discography:


• Shindig - The Freesouls

• Flowers for the Soul - The Freesouls

• Bye Bye Na (Single) -  Ted Reyes *AWIT Award Nominee

• Musings of a Caffeine Addict - Bleud

• Tragic Ending - Bleud

• Lilacs and Politics - The Happy Analogues

• School Tales (Double Album) - The Happy Analogues

• Singles and Bootlegs - The Happy Analogues

• The Fallout Shelter - The Happy Analogues

• Saglit Lang (Single) - The Happy Analogues

• Colours of the Underground - The Happy Analogues

• Tayo Na Sa Ulan (Single) - Ted Reyes 

• A Dagger in Your Heart (EP) - Gail Banawis *Producer/Composer credit

• Sebu (Single) - DefMod Network

• F The Algorithm (Single) - DefMod Network

• Sirena (Single) - DefMod Network

• Papafruit (Single) - DefMod Network

• One Way Mirror - Telecommute

• Made in Kamuning - Ted Reyes

• Chasing You (Single) - Ted Reyes

• Music for Endings - Ted Reyes

• Tulips and Twigs for a Boy - Scarlet Gum


Ted Reyes is affiliated with BMI.


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