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A limited CD pressing of the Stop AAPI Hate: Benefit Album. Hi-Res download available for free after purchase.



1. In The News Today

2. SCARLET GUM - Time to Rise

3. ATOMS APART - Fault Lines

4. HAPPY DAD - Why Hurt

5. PRIZE VIOLET - Line Dance

6. CIUDAD (Feat. Michelle & Switchtrik) - The Circuit Has Been Closed

7. RAGAN MARTINEZ - Abandoned Save Fountain

8. DR. CALVIN SUN - Say Their Names Speech

9. JOSH BONIFAS - Cobblestone Dreams

10. KANAKO OMAE NEALE (Feat Joe Trainor) - 2 Ways

11. TELECOMMUTE - Julie Anne

12. RAINCROWD - Can't We All Just Get Along

13. THE BURNING DIAMONDS - Isn't All About Me

14. KLUB KURYENTE - Dig Your Roots

15. PETER CHO - We Saw It on TV Today

16. DR. MICHELLE LEE & DR. NATTY JUMREORNVONG - White Coats Against Hate Speech


100% of all sale will be donated to STOP AAPI HATE. ORG.


Executive Producer: Ted Reyes for NSFU

Mastering by Nick Bolton at Holy Tapes! Mastering, Jersey City, New Jersey USA

Photography & Art Direction: Sheryl Reyes



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