Wingman Comics and Queen Pin

Last year, I was able to accomplish one of my biggest dreams: to create a comic strip and a serial comic book.

The comic strip I created is called Wingman and it is about a superhero that is just too real for the modern world. The serial comic book is called QUEEN PIN and it is about a young girl who grew up in a city infested with drugs and ruled by the police with sheer brutality and blatant disregard for the rule of law. I submitted Queen Pin to Amazon last October for publishing and it was accepted.

Both projects were a joy to create but very tedious. I had no crew to help me with the penciling, inking, coloring and lay outing. It was just all me fueled by pure love and desire.

Queen Pin hasn’t gotten any sales yet, but that is just fine with me. My goal was to create and launch the projects not to get retirement money from them. This year, I hope I can find time to work on issue #2 of Queen Pin and continue Wingman's adventures.

Anyway, check out all 8 issues of Wingman below and if you're interested, purchase Issue #1 of Queen Pin here.