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Tulipomania in Holland

Tulips everywhere - Photo taken at The Tulip Barn

Our epic adventure continues, and we're in The Netherlands to celebrate tulip season! The King of The Netherlands just declared the season open a few weeks ago by visiting one of the famous Tulip farms in Holland, The Tulip Barn.

Tulips are everywhere in Holland this time of year. The Dutch have them in their gardens and porches. It's Tulipomania!

We visited The Tulip Barn in Hillegom, and it was a wonderful experience. These colorful bulbs can uplift moods and brighten days. The Barn is about a fifteen-minute walk from the Hillegom Station. It's a beautiful walk because you pass by quaint villages decorated with tulips and farmers planting and harvesting the precious flowers.

Sheryl in The Flower Tub

On a Bed of Tulips

Selfie with Tulips

Car Flower

Flower Field

Tulips or not Tulips

Tulip Rows

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