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The Blog is Dead!

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

2003 was the year I started my blog I remember building it on the now defunct Apple web service platform called ”DotMac.” I wrote about everything I found interesting during that time and even shared my music and art to a bunch of small but avid readers and followers. But after five years of non-stop journaling and with the advent of Facebook, I decided to kill it off in 2011.

Now, eight years after, I felt the need to bring it back and call it: THE CONVOLUTEF.

But why blog now? Aren't blogs relics of the past? Isn't Blogspot gone like the other prehistoric platforms that were swallowed by social media?

The reason is simple: I missed sharing without bothering. On a blog, I could post away my thoughts without flooding people's news feeds. It's just me and my words out in the vast wilderness of cyberspace like messages in bottles drifting aimlessly in a boundless ocean. No expectations. No pressure.

On the other hand, social media is an enormous responsibility. Every post, every photo, every video seeps through news feeds without a word of warning. Empowering everyone who sees it to absorb and judge.

And with that, after eight years, I never thought I would write these two words ever again. But here I go: “HELLO, WORLD!

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