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STOP AAPI HATE: The Benefit Album: Our Partners

Updated: May 28, 2021

It takes a community to launch a compilation benefit album. So aside from musical artists and community leaders who lent us their musical and spoken word pieces, we are so thrilled to announce our partner organizations that made this project possible.


This idea to produce a compilation benefit came after attending the March 21 rally at Columbus Park in Chinatown, NYC and our immediate question was where to donate the proceeds. We decided on this remarkable organization after seeing what they are doing for the community. Made up of mostly volunteers, they started aggregating reports of violence against AAPI individuals, which were crucial in raising awareness to the problem. We are beyond thrilled to support this organization 100%.


Ace Pop Up

This inspiring organization, lead by a group of AAPI artists, entrepreneurs, and activists, aims to showcase AAPI creativity through pop up events. Their inaugural event will be on June 5 and 6 in Soho, and they are kind enough to have us sell the limited edition CD copies of Stop AAPI Hate: The Benefit album there. Check out their site and collaborate with this great group.



Ever saw those t-shirts that have funny one-liners in Filipino and accompanied by cool drawings? One goes like this: The drawing is that of a pair of feet on top of a weighing scale. Then text on top of the graphic says: “Weight Loss – Wait Lang (wait a moment).” Hilarious. This is the work of Linya-Linya, a lifestyle brand run by Ali Sangalang, Panch Alvarez and Jim Bacarro that took the Philippines by storm. Now their products are available to US and Canadian customers. I am a Celtic fan but I love their Kobe Bryant tribute shirt.


#stopasianhate #stopaapihate #stoaapihatethebenefitalbum

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