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Stop AAPI Hate: The Benefit Album: More Partners

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

White Coats Against Asian Hate

We were at the protest action in Chinatown NYC last March 21 and saw this group of doctors on stage speaking out against the hate and violence that the community has been getting. Brave and inspiring AAPI men and women in white coats. This moment lit a fire and drove us to start this benefit compilation album. We are so thankful that Dr. Michelle Lee, MD, Dr. Natty Jumreornvong, MD, and Dr. Calvin Sun, MD agreed to let us use their powerful speeches at the event in this project. We were armed with our phones and recorded them all that Saturday afternoon. Now it's part of our collective consciousness and forever enshrined in compact disc.


The Boiis Co.

Talk about life-changing moments, The Boiis Co's mochi cookies changed ours for the better forever. Hands down one of the best delicious foods ever created, their cookies are a unique blend of chewy cookie with melt-in-your-mouth mochi in the middle.

They don't have a store so all orders are done online. Supplies are limited, hence demand is extremely high. So make sure to visit their site and order as soon as ordering opens. You will be very happy. We ordered all their flavors in April and when we got them, they didn't last a day. Our favorites are Salted Caramel, Matcha Green Tea, and Ube!


Holy Tapes! Mastering

This project is a true labor of love. We did not get any grant or funding for this. Production cost came from our pockets and 100% of all sales will go to The only return is that wonderful feeling when you know you made a difference. That is priceless.

So given the limited budget, it became a challenge to find a mastering house that can operate around these parameters, until we found Nick Bolton, owner and mastering engineer at Holy Tapes Mastering, Jersey City. The moment he saw the project was for a cause, he rejiggered his rates to accommodate us. The result is astounding. The album sounds phenomenal and he allowed us to have enough money to have the album pressed. A mastered album is a thing to behold and this album is such a thing because of Nick's expertise and kind heart. Thank you!

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