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Stop AAPI Hate: The Benefit Album is Done!

So happy to announce that the benefit album that Sheryl and I have been working on is finally done! It's currently being mastered and it will be sent for CD pressing right after. 100% of all proceeds from the sale of the album will be donated to

The vision for this project is to bring an actual protest rally experience into a concept album format. So aside from an incredible lineup of songs from amazing independent artists from all over the world, the album contains powerful and inspiring spoken word pieces from various #AAPI community leaders, including Dr. Calvin Sun, and other members of the White Coats Against Asian Hate organization.

As for the musical pieces, we are forever grateful to these artists who gave us their talents, time, and effort to make this project happen:

Kanako Omae Neale, The Burning Diamonds, Raincrowd, Scarlet Gum, Peter Cho, Ragan Martinez, Telecommute, Happy Dad, Josh Bonifas, Ciudad, Atoms Apart, Prize Violet, and Klub Kuryente.

Music and words have been integral to protest movements. From Beatniks to Flower Power, the amalgamation of sounds, ideas, and politics have resulted in some of the most profound changes in society.

This is our time. We have been silent for so long. We can no longer play the meek and humble model minority role that society assigned to us for generations. It is time to take part. Let our voices be heard through speech and song.

#StopAAPIHate #StopAsianHate #AsianAmerican #PacificIslander

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