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My Top 10 Most Favorite European Places - Lisbon, Portugal

The Legendary Tram of LIsboa

While we were on this journey, I shot many videos to document the magnificent places we visited. I will use these videos, which I also scored with original music, to rank my top 10 favorite European places.

First on my list is Lisbon, Portugal.

We stayed in a hotel in the lower Baixa area of Lisbon and took a stroll up towards upper Baixa. On the way, we saw a small club that hosted two musicians playing Bossanova. It was like an impromptu outdoor gig. People ordered beverages and sat on the gutters to watch the performance. It was a marvelous experience. The music they played, while Brazilian, fit perfectly with the Lisbon scene. Graffiti art decorated the walls and buildings of this neighborhood, and the energy from the crowd brought everything to life.

This scene right here is one of the most memorable from our trip.

Watch and marvel at the cityscapes of Lisbon.

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