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How Do You Spend Your Weekends?

It’s been really hectic at work lately so naturally weekends have become quite important to me that I cannot afford to just waste them away. So it is very important that I know how to spend them well.

Option A: Sleep, eat, repeat. This option dominates early in the game. In fact, it’s around Monday afternoons, when I start thinking about the upcoming weekend and the lure of a full two days in bed and unhealthy food pulls me like gravity. Total bliss, if you ask me. But unfortunately, I am one of those people who suffer from debilitating headaches when I oversleep or just stay in bed for extended periods of time. So yes, the idea is very appealing to me but my body just couldn't handle. It's not the end of the world though because I sort of modded this a bit and removed the “sleep all-day” part of this option and replaced it with either "eternal video gaming" or "perpetual binge-watching." Those I can subscribe to and actually have done it many times.

Option B: Cook for the week. I love to cook. The whole process of marketing, prepping, cooking, and serving has a special place in my heart and it really relaxes me. Slicing and dicing onions while listening to my favorite music? To me it has the same calming effect as Morgan Freeman’s monologues in The Shawshank Redemption.

So the drill is to go to the market on Saturday mornings and cook on Sundays so Sheryl and I have sustenance for the whole week. I have opted for this option quite a lot. For instance, last weekend, I made three dishes: Puerto Rican roast pork shoulder A.K.A “Pernil,” traditional Filipino pork Adobo, and Ilocano-style “Bagnet,” which are air-dried then twice-fried chucks of pork belly that is unbelievably tender and crispy. Bagnet is so good that it poses a threat to vegetarians worldwide. It’s like the invisible Birdbox monster. When people with mental issues see it, they see the truth. This succulent dish does the same for life-long vegetarians. One single taste and they will know the real.

Puerto Rican-style roast pork shoulder

Ilocano-style deep fried pork belly known as "Bagnet" on the left, coffee on the right.

Option C: Do something creative. This is a top option. During the busy workdays, there’s no spare time to produce music, draw, write, or film stuff. 10 years ago, I could play two back-to-back gigs after a grueling workday. Now I am reduced to requesting 5-minute back rubs while watching tranquil scenes from a nature show narrated by David Attenborough. Yep, his voice, like Morgan’s soothes my aches like Vick’s Vapor Rub.

This option has been happening a lot lately as well. And it’s great. There are so many projects happening that my weekends are bursting with creative work. Either I am working on some music with Sheryl or producing beats with DefMod Network or filming live electronica sessions for our YouTube channel or remixing my old stuff for licensing. Creative work is busy work but it is also soul-enriching work.

Check out a creative weekend in action below.

Option D: Go out and smell the Spring air. This is not a thing yet. But I am sure with the temperatures starting to climb up the scale, it will be. That new Spanish mercado in the Hudson Yards better watch out for our grand visit for we intend to eat and drink everything that comes our way.

Anyway, Sunday is about to end and tomorrow afternoon will be another deciding moment for me. Which of these options are good for next weekend?

How about you? How do you spend your weekends?

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