Fighting Hate with Words and Music

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Global indie artists band together to produce a benefit album in support of the Stop Asian American Pacific Islander Hate movement

In the wake of the recent spike in violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders due to disinformation and racism around Covid-19, a group of artists from the US and other parts of the world collaborated and produced a 14-track benefit compilation album to raise funds and awareness for the Stop Asian American Pacific Islander Hate movement.

The album, entitled Stop AAPI Hate: The Benefit Album, is a unique project that combines songs, soundscapes, and spoken word pieces directly addressing the crisis. All the speeches were actually taken from actual protest actions all over the country after the brutal and deadly attacks against the AAPI community across the United States.

Music and spoken word have been in the center of protest actions since people started fighting for equality and justice. These are powerful tools to raise awareness to social issues, generate funds to support the community organizations, and effect change.

The creative vision for this project is to bring the protest experience into a concept album format, complete with speeches, ambient sounds, and songs. So when the album is played the audience is immediately transported into that space.

The limited CD version of the album is available to purchase HERE and it can also be streamed on all major streaming platforms. Listen on Spotify below:

The Artists

Atoms Apart - Fault Lines

Atoms Apart are Mike and Emil Favila, two Filipino brothers separated by an ocean, making music together. Currently living in Brussels and Virginia, they write, perform, record and produce all their own songs, in addition to session and production work for various artists on the East Coast.