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Diving Into NFT Art

These past few weeks, I dove into my past and resurrected my passion for art. As you can see on this site, I paint and illustrate for fun. But this year, I decided to try and make a living out of this skill. I have officially entered into NFT art creation and selling.

So far, I haven't sold any, but it is so exciting to illustrate again, and I hope that I can sell a few. I have three collections so far, and they are cute:

  • Creature College - A group of weird creatures that I just made up

  • ElectriCats - A cute cat in various versions.

  • Power Pupps – An adorable puppy in multiple versions.

I've been drawing since I was little. I may have learned to draw even before I knew how to chew. It's such a meditative activity.

Anyway, for my very few readers here, I hope you could check out my Opensea account and sped the word!

My profile.

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