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Bubbles, We Are Bubbles

Updated: May 3, 2021

For the past 6 months, we have been on a Dharma journey. It is very hard to write about this because doing so would involve the ego, which while essential to the survival of our species, is something that we are starting to discover as a mental object – a psychological construct to make sense of the ever-changing nature of reality. Blogging asserts the ego. Anything public-facing activity from a tweet to an IG story involves the promotion of the self.

Now, there is nothing wrong with this. The acknowledgement of the existence of the self as a construct is as natural as the recognition the presence of thoughts and feelings in the human mind. The only thing that may cause suffering in terms of the self is when we become too engaged with it to the point that we start separating ourselves from others living things. This is when we become ego-centric – egoistic. This is when we start taking ourselves too seriously and think that our needs are more important than others.

We are not different. In fact, Dharma practice has shown us that the more we look deep within ourselves, the more we see that we are the same as everyone and everything else. We are cut from the same stardust and shaped from the same mold.

“We are bubbles in the ocean. We form, we rise, we burst, and then return to water. We are bubbles, air, and water at the same time. Never separate. All one.”

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