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Berlin is a Digital Nomad's Dream

Sheryl and I at The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

We've been traveling around Europe since September 2021, living as digital nomads. After living in various cities, we've identified some that work perfectly for our chosen lifestyle. One of which is Berlin.

The capital city of the German Republic is a digital nomad's dream. It has one of the most diverse populations in Europe, which is a significant factor for us. It is also a modern city with high-speed internet, perfect for work that involves uploading or downloading large media files and constant video conference calls. It is also incredibly affordable compared to cities like London and Paris. I don't know how the Germans manage to make it so, given that it is such a beautiful and efficient city.

We stayed at High Park Palmira Apartment Hotel in Potsdamerplatz, home to one of the main train stations in Berlin, so getting around the city is a breeze. Our room, being an apartment hotel, is a studio equipped with all the amenities of an apartment: fridge, stove, dishwasher, bathroom, and laundry. A cleaning service is available upon request. We loved our stay here and will not hesitate to come back.

Berlin's vibrant art scene also drew us in. The city government supports artists from all over the world with subsidy programs not available elsewhere. The city is a melting pot of creatives, from painters, sculptors, and designers to music producers and photographers. It's truly a creative nomad's playground.

Lastly, food options in Berlin are immense. We frequented the food court at The Mall of Berlin, which has a wide array of delicious but affordable options. The restaurant and street food scene is also alive and kicking! We had our fill of Currywurst, Shawarma, Noodles, Buns, Burgers, and traditional German food and beer. We did not miss the variety available in New York while in Berlin. The Potsdamer Platz train station even has an Asian store that provides a constant supply of Boy Bawang, Ding Dong, Clover Chips, and Kropek. We can live on Boy Bawang alone.

Americans can stay in Berlin for 90 days. If you want to stay longer, you can apply for a freelancer or artist visa, which will grant you up to five years of residency and a path to citizenship as long as you meet all the requirements.

We love Berlin. We will stay there in a heartbeat whenever there's an opportunity to do so.

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