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A Secret Agent in Europe

Updated: May 3, 2021

I don’t know about you but the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about Venice is Bond. James Bond.

The high-speed gondola chases, well-choreographed brawls in narrow cobblestone streets, fight scenes with monstrous bosses on top of bell towers overseeing the ancient Venetian cityscape? These are all scenes appropriate for an MI5 flick.

And so, when Sheryl and I went to Europe with her family in early January, we did a mini-series that took advantage of the enchanting locations. We called it: “The World is Always Round.”

The real star of these mini-films are of course the cities. We just found a more creative way to put a spotlight on them and at the same time preserve the memory of actually being in these places, specifically: Zurich and Basel, Switzerland; Paris, France, Venice, Italy.

We also went to Florence and Rome, but those cities are more about stuff like Angels and Demons than James Bond.

So here it goes:

The World is Always Round: Episode One: The Dragon Lady

A simple mission becomes complicated when an unexpected visitor gets in the way

The World is Always Round: Episode Two: Chasing the Dragon

Armed with new information, Agent T begins his quest to capture the Dragon Lady and retrieve the package.

The World is Always Round: Episode Three: Checkmate

Still reeling from the confrontation in Paris, Agent T finds The Dragon Lady in a new location and zeroes-in for the kill.

I shot everything on my iPhone X and edited on my iPad Pro using the phenomenal Lumafusion. I also wrote and produced the music for it. If you’re interested in listening to the full tracks, click here.

Traveling is so addictive. We are so hooked that we were already planning our next trip while our plane was taxiing on the Newark tarmac. No, we weren’t just planning, Sheryl was actually on her phone looking at deals.

I mean, why not? Life is too short. So, if you have any opportunity to travel, please do. It doesn’t have to be to another continent or country, it can just be your neighboring city or state. Like I usually say: "The whole world begins the moment you step outside your door."

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