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A Luggage Full of Songs

Ted Reyes - New Music
My new song “Songrang Init Naman” is out soon!

As most of you know, we just returned from an almost two-year nomadic adventure that took us to Europe, Mexico, and Asia. Yes, twenty countries in eighteen months, and we've learned so much along the way, including the culture and customs of various global communities, two new languages, and life lessons that continue to make us better humans.

Aside from the valuable experiences and delicious food, I also took home many tunes–primarily written on the road.

I didn't bring any musical gear except for my laptop, a small interface, a headphone, and a tiny MIDI keyboard controller. It's a minuscule setup but functional enough to craft sketches and record electronic albums. We did manage to release a Scarlet Gum cover "I Wish You Love," where Sheryl had the vocals in the can back in the US prior to our trip. Anyway, I wrote and produced one electronic album during our nomadic period called Wander Awake, which you can listen to on all streaming devices. The music in this album covers our European phase, where we stayed in the following countries and cities:


  • Lisbon

  • Sintra

  • Nazare

  • Coimbra

  • Porto


  • Zurich

  • Bern

  • Grindelwald


  • Vienna

  • Salzburg


  • Budapest


  • Prague


  • Amsterdam


  • London

  • Bath

  • The Cotswolds


  • Glasgow


  • Berlin

  • Frankfurt


  • Rome

  • Cirque Terre - Monterroso

  • Tuscany


  • Paris

  • Rouen

  • Courseulles-sur-Mer

After all this, we went to Mexico City and Cancun for a month and a half and then flew to Asia to stay in the following countries and cities:


  • Manila


  • Bangkok


  • Tokyo

  • Osaka


  • Singapore City

We returned to the US in March and settled in Los Angeles, where I set up a small studio to work on all the songs written during the expansive voyage. The good thing is I have twelve songs in the can, and I plan to release maybe five to six singles on streaming and then compile them along with new undressed tracks in an album for hard copy – CD, cassettes, and vinyl if anyone is interested to pre-order.

Anyway, this first track is a Tagalog song I wrote to describe the intense tropical heat in Thailand, Singapore, and Manila during our stay there. The planet is getting much warmer, and that's just bad news. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new song.

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