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NSFU Publishing

NSFU Publishing is a music publishing company owned by Ted Reyes. Aside from publishing his own music, he also administers a growing list of materials from some of the most talented composers and producers in the business. NSFU Publishing is affiliated with BMI.​

All the music here are available for licensing for any media such as films, television, video games, commercials, short form videos, promos, training videos, and more!

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Kanako Omae Neale

On September 9th, 2001, then 16-year-old Kanako found a new place to call home in Brooklyn, New York. A native of Tokyo, Japan, urban life was nothing new for this drummer/songwriter. Two days later, the tragic events of 9/11 unfurled, and suddenly cast Kanako as a stranger in an even stranger and chaotic land. Since then, Kanako, like many others, has learned to adjust to these unpredictable times and proceeded to carry out the goals she has set forth for herself in coming to the United States to compose and perform her music. 

At three years old, Kanako began her musical passage. Through piano instruction and eventually flute lessons, she has evolved as a well rounded composition writer, arranger, and performer of her own original works. While still in high school, Kanako developed a passion for percussion and when she was 16, she decided to leave Japan for a musical career in New York City - the city of Entertainment. 

She enjoys the flexibility and freedom of collaborating with different musicians, allowing her to develop her own style. Kanako formed a project called "Fake ID" in 2004. Kanako and Fake ID is an eclectic blend of jazz mixed with funk and fusion. Having written and arranged all of the selections on her first independent release, Welcome To New York, Kanako has placed herself into a category all her own as one of the few Asian female jazz drummers in the genre today. 

In 2004, She moved to Philadelphia to attend The University of the Arts, and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Music in 2008. While she was in UArts, she studied with great drummers, Jim Paxson and Marc Dicciani, and continuing writing and performing her works. 

Kanako’s drive and ambition to be a premier drummer has led her to travel and perform all over the map with various acts such as Betty Ford, The Nick Vivid Band, Quagmire, Plan B, her own project Fake ID, Selah Band, Broken Trees, Boy Wonder. Also she went on Southeast tours with The Christopher Dean Band in April/May, 2008, and January/February, 2009. 

Kanako began her experience playing in orchestra pit for musicals in 2008. (Show credit can be seen on “Past Shows" page.) Her main focus of playing and writing music is to make people happy. 

She understands dedication and wants to be recognized for her ability and passion to produce quality music. She continues to write new music and playing with many different musicians/shows/musicals.

Happy Dad

Happy Dad is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Manila. His music is composed of sweet and sappy love songs but with dark and moody undertones. The groovy bass lines, steady drum beats and relaxed vocals lies contradict Happy Dad's somber and introspective lyrics. With all of Happy Dad's reflections, he always ends up as simply the boy who's in love with his girl. This is this generation's definition of dad rock.  Stems and instrumental versions are available.

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Andre Laurena

Andre Laurena is a singer/songwriter/producer based in Manila, Philippines. He started playing drums when he was in his early teens and formed a band with his childhood friend, Ted Reyes. 

He is currently working on various collaboration projects, including: Telecommute and Dr. Nikolai. He is also producing materials for his solo catalog.

His genres include, rock, alternative, and adult contemporary.

Ted Reyes


Ted Reyes composer, producer, and television professional. He has written over a hundred songs from his days with his bands: The Freesouls, and The Happy Analogues. He is currently with the electronic pop group, Scarlet Gum, and continue to write music for his solo projects and other artists such as Gail Banawis and more. 

He has licensed his songs in television shows like CBS's Seal Team (Sa Langit) and films like All My Life (Bye Bye Na).

He specializes in rock, pop, jazz, electronic ambient, electronic dance, film scores, and world ethnic music.

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